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High School Online Curriculum Class
Package A
Online convenience at a lower cost

Price: $340.00

NEW interactive online edition for grades 9-12, 113 full activities, teachers can view and comment on students' work. Students can view teacher's comments.

High School Online Curriculum Class Package A

Price: $340

Product Code: HSPEA
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The class package includes (at a savings of $60):

  • 10 Online Student Activity Books
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Teacher Management System
  • 20 Online Assessment Administrations to allow for a pre and a post assessment of each student
  • Automatically generate individual and class reports
  • online, no software to install, hosted on our servers

You can order additional online student activity books and/or online assessments.
There is complete correspondence between the activity book and the assessment. This allows you to identify students' instructional needs and to evaluate their progress.
This package includes 20 administrations of the online assessment to allow you to administer a pre-test and a post-test for each student.

Delivery of this product is by email. For orders placed before 3 PM Eastern Monday-Friday (excluding holidays), you will receive your login information the same day. For orders placed after 3 PM and on weekends/holidays, you will receive your login information the next business day. Please note: Online products purchased during this school year (2018-19) are valid until June 1, 2019.

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